Gun Safety

As a US Army Aircraft Weapons System Specialist, I was able to engage with all sorts of powerful weapons. I was trained by the United States Army on how to keep them safe and how to operate them but most importantly about the great calamity that can be caused by them. I am in support of Universal background checks for Gun purchases. I believe there should be age restrictions on Assault style rifles along with special licensing. Bump stocks and other additions that create the automatic fire feel should be banned,

Road Improvements

I believe a goal of good and safe roads is achievable in South Carolina. According to the US Census Bureau, South Carolina population has grown 8,6% from April 2010 ( 4,625,381) to July 1, 2017 ( 5,024,369 ). In addition to a growing population , South Carolina Coastal Cities, historical locations and beaches are attractive to visitors but our Interstates and roads also serve as drive thru to our southern and northern neighbors. Over crowded highways are causes of high accident rates, poor air quality, and congestion.

Our Roads are not keeping pace with our growth. We must have a Plan of continuous improvement for roads rather than wait for overcrowding and accidents to decide for us,


I am a product of a Public Education and so are my two children. My mother was a Math and Science Teacher and my wife, a Social Studies Teacher and Middle School Principal. I live in a County where the Schools are the envy of other South Carolina Counties. I believe we must treat our schools much like our roads, continuous investment and improvement I do not believe in arming the Teachers who Teach to protect our children. If armed protectors are needed, then I think we should use armed and trained Police Officers. Lets keep our Schools Safe!